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International Learning Units (ILU)

International Learning Units are gained by an outcome based evaluation composed of 5 content items learned, with a pass rate of 80%. (© LERN) .

A common method of evaluation is a test. Other acceptable evaluations include demonstrations, essays, evaluated online discussions, presentations and other outcome-based evaluations. Content items A common content item is a question. Other acceptable content items include skill based or manual techniques, written comments (such as a thesis, point, illustration, or other words), and any other components, five of which constitute the evaluation.

A Content Item is a fundamental aspect of knowledge, a collection of key facts, a set of essential abilities, and/or a demonstrated understanding that is the intended outcome of the learning activity.

The pass rate is a minimum of 80%, or four out of five content items. In some cases, Providers or Approval Agencies may require a higher standard where necessary or required.

Those using ILUs include Learners, those individuals who gain Learning Units (© LERN); Providers, those organizations and entities that provide learning activities, evaluations and the awarding of Learning Units (© LERN); and Approval Agencies, those organizations and entities that regulate professions, accept credit, approve re-licensure, and provide other recognition for specific fields and areas of endeavor.

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We have provided training for Equal Employment Opportunity professionals, managers and staff since 2009. We provide the 32 hour certification courses for new EEO Investigators and EEO Counselors and refresher training for Investigators, Counselors and Mediators. Since 2017 we offer workplace investigations training, and in the future will be offering harassment training and diversity training for all organizations.

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