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EEO Training Solutions

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Client List

Since 2009 we have provided EEO practitioner training to employees of government agencies, the military, independent contractors and employees of GSA schedule 738X providing EEO Services to federal agencies. We also provide training to individuals from state and local government agencies, colleges and universities and corporate HR professionals.

A partial list of organizations we have trained include:

JDG Associates
Department of Commerce
Department of the Interior
Department of Agriculture
Department of Justice
Department of the Air Force
Department of Homeland Security
Department of the Army
Department of the Navy
Department of Labor
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Veterans Administration
National Aeronautic Space Administration
Internal Revenue Service
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
National Guard
State of Florida
State of New York
State of Oklahoma
State of California
State of Colorado
State of Pennsylvania
State of Montana
State of Indiana
State of New Mexico
State of Michigan
State of Texas
United States Marine Corps
United States Air Force Academy
West Virginia Military Authority
New Jersey National Guard
Bureau of Prisons
Bureau of Land Management
National Park Service

Initially, most of our government students worked in agency field offices, regional offices and military bases throughout the United States and abroad (with limited access to classroom training). Now many of our students work in National and central offices looking for effective and flexible training solutions. We also provide training to GSA 738x schedule holders and independent EEO contractors.

Our list of satisfied state agencies and companies seeking EEO compliance training continues to expand.

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We have provided training for Equal Employment Opportunity professionals, managers and staff since 2009. We provide the 32 hour certification courses for new EEO Investigators and EEO Counselors and refresher training for Investigators, Counselors and Mediators. Since 2017 we offer workplace investigations training, and in the future will be offering harassment training and diversity training for all organizations.

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